Sunday, November 10, 2013


We were down by Elizabeth's grave so we decided to run by her grave and see how the pumpkins were doing.  To our surprise her headstone was down when we got there.  It was so nice to see the headstone down.  The kids were excited so that they could put her pumpkins on it and she could have a place for us to place gifts to her on.  Michael starting talking about her birthday and what we could do, he asked if we could bring balloons by again like we did at the funeral.  I said we would. I love that they want to keep her memory alive and talk so sweetly about her.
It was good to see the headstone but it is the last thing we needed to do for her, so it was hard because it felt like the final piece.  I continue to mourn her and the times I didn't get with her, but I also continue to learn how to cope with my lose.  I love her and will always have a piece of my heart missing until we are together again.

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  1. So sweet. You are in my thoughts often. Always in my heart.