Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Elizabeth's 6 Month Celebration

Elizabeth would have turned 6 months today so we wanted to celebrate.  Since we don't get to put a cute onsie on her and take her picture.  Valentines is only a couple days away and her brother and sister have been making Valentine for the last couple weeks, I decided to let them make her a special card and we tied it to balloons and sent it up to her.  The kids had a blast making the cards for her. Michael has made a ton for her and I love watching how he includes her in everything he does.  If he draws our family she is always in the picture and he never hesitates when someone asks how many is in his family, he always says 5.  I love that I wish I didn't hesitate. We also took some fun hearts to put around her grave and a balloon that could stay there.  It was a hard day but because I was so busy getting everything ready that I didn't have time to stop too much but the next day was mostly spent being lazy and in bed because it hit pretty hard.

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