Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cedar Chest

Jake's dad makes these adorable little rocking chairs for each of his grandkids when they are little.  He asked us if we wanted one for Elizabeth and we said that we needed to think about it.  I told Jake I didn't really want an empty rocking chair for her but that maybe we could come up with something else special for her.  After receiving blankets and gifts for Elizabeth, we decided that a little wood box to hold her items in would be great.  So we told his dad and being the amazing grandpa he is, he took it a step bigger.  He has a brother, John, who does some amazing wood work and so John sent us some pictures of wood chest that we could do and he got started immediately after it was discussed. All of the uncles and aunts on Jake's dad side pitched in money for this amazing gift.  John did the work and delivered it to us.

It is so beautiful, our house is a little small right now so we didn't have the perfect place but found a spot for it that I think works perfect for now.  After we received it though it sat for a couple days empty because I couldn't bring myself to take her things off my closet shelves and move them to the chest.  I mentioned to Jake that we should move them over together but we never got to it.  So after a few days I found some down time where the kids were playing quietly and I walked into my closet and decided it was time to move her things.  I held each item and cried as I laid them out and decided how I wanted them moved.  It was very emotional but catharsis to just hold them and remember her wrapped in them.

I miss my Elizabeth each day and wish I had more time... the song that comes to mind is "One more Day" by Diamond Rio. I love that I have her blankets to wrap up in even if I am a little big for them but it was helps when I need a good cry.  After arranging everything into the new place in the chest, I placed the willow tree figures I got on top of it too.  Jake came home that day and I told him what I did.  He took a look and asked if I opened the bags (we have her clothes and blankets from the hospital in ziploc bags) and smelled her.  I said of course he said he wanted to but didn't want to take her smell from me.  (I love that my husband always puts me first and loves me so much).  I told him he could because her smell probably won't last long so we might as well enjoy it while it is there.

I am so grateful once again for such a loving support system who has taken very good care of us with your thoughts and prayers.  I am grateful for the amazing thoughtful gifts that have been given. I can't list them all but some have touched my heart very deeply the thought that was put into the gifts.  THANK YOU TO ALL!
 Love this gift with this saying it helps on the hard days!

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