Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Doctors Appointment

It has been such a nice four weeks because we haven't had to go to the doctors. Today we went and as I wrote previously I was a bit nervous.  It was my glucose test today also so the nurse got us and took all the fun measurements weight 123 (12lbs gained) blood pressure 98/62 and then she took my blood for the glucose test. The doctor came in to listen to Elizabeth's heartbeat and measure my tummy.  I am measuring right on target at 29 weeks (although I feel much bigger it must just be in my head).  He then listened for the heartbeat.  I have to say it is so nerve racking when they do these test with her.  He started on one side and couldn't get it, I think my husband and my hearts stopped for those 3 seconds but he went to the other side and was able to find it.  He stated that she was very active and could hear her moving all over the place. We asked a few questions about amnio levels and her growth so he said he wanted to do a quick ultra sound. First the nurse came in again to give me two more shots.  I am a RH negative so I had to get my Rhogam shot today.  They asked if I wanted the vaccine for whooping cough that they recommend during pregnancy so I said yes.  So I got poked in three different places it was great.  We then headed to a different room for the ultrasound.  He pulled Elizabeth's beautiful profile up and it just made me so happy to see her and to know that she was doing well.  He measured my fluid level which was a 29 (normal range is 7-26 my doctor said) so I am high but he was not worried about the levels yet and said that maybe at 35 weeks he would consider draining the levels.  He did not notice any extra fluid in her tummy which was good.  He then measured her head and abdomen and they are measuring at 28 weeks and 3days so just a few days behind but he said that was great.  It was a great visit minus the three pokes. We have another one in two weeks.  As we were leaving the office my husband said it perfectly how we were both feeling. He said that to see her and to know that she is growing and doing well gets you excited but then you realize that she still has this diagnosis hanging over her that means she most likely won't live and it breaks your heart all over again.  I think we both want to keep that excitement but it is hard because we don't get to set up a nursery and we don't get to buy new clothes, so it makes it hard to keep it.  We are grateful for the time we are getting with her.  She is getting bigger so my husband has been able to feel her more and to see her curled up on one side of my belly.  This is our time and we are enjoying every minute we get.

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