Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fundraiser Yard Sale

My wonderful mom decided to do a yard sale that would go towards Elizabeth and her additional expenses we have.  My family gathered all their unused items and donated them to the yard sale and then my mom had asked her neighborhood if they had any items to donate that she could also place in the yard sale. We had lots of people donate their used items.  I am so grateful for my mom and my sister (who was up on vacation) for organizing and setting up such a great yard sale.  We did great and their were lots of extra donations made.  Words don't express our gratitude for all our friends and family who selflessly gave to Elizabeth.  I will have to say that it was the most organized yard sale you have ever been to everything was set up nicely and you could see everything.  My mom and sister spent lots of time organizing it.  I forgot to take pictures.  The kids had a blast just playing with their cousins and were very well behaved while all the adults were busy running the sale. It was Michael's birthday and when we got in the car to head home he said it had been a great day thus far because he got to play with his cousins.  I love that little man.  If we as adults could just remember to enjoy the simple pleasures in life versus thinking we need this big extravagant event to have it be a good day.

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