Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Today we had a little scare with Elizabeth.  I had a busy morning running around and then this afternoon I had a friend of my son's come over and play.  They were playing great when all of a sudden I got a pain in my lower abdomen.  I tried to lay down and take it easy but it wasn't going away and was getting worse. When I was laying down I couldn't move because it would make the pain worse.  I started to get worried so I called my husband.  In the meantime my mom had called also, she asked if she needed to come up and watch the kids.  I told her I was fine and it would just have my husband to come home.  I then called my husband back and told him to come home from work.  He got home and saw me and said he was calling the doctor. My son's friends mom showed up to take him home and I think we scared her too.  (The kids were great the whole time this was going on). We loaded the kids and headed off to the doctors to get checked out.  We couldn't get a hold of my mother in law who lives close so my dad happened to be at a job site that wasn't too far away so he headed up to meet us at the doctors. (It is so great to have amazing family). We went into the doctor and it was great no waiting no nothing.  They got me back and the doctor did an ultrasound and Elizabeth was kicking and had changed positions from last week to be head down now.  The doctor then did an cervix check and I wasn't dilating.  So that was all good minus this pain.  The doctor thought it was probably a uterine cramp that can be painful, he recommended taking some Tylenol and a heating pad and rest. We left the doctors and my dad was there and said that he would take the kids home and my mom would watch them overnight. (love them).  So I went home and rested and the kids got to go have fun at their grandparents. Before my husband got home I had kept it together but the minute he got home I lost it.  I was so scared and all I could think of was that I wasn't ready for her yet because I wanted her to get bigger still.  It was a little scare that the whole family was on alert.  I love that everything is ok and we still have  a little more time. It just means I need to start getting prepared so when it does happen we have things packed and ready.

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