Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dr. Appointment

Today we had another doctor appointment.  I did make time to post about the last doctor appointment, but it went well besides the fact that Elizabeth is back to head up but who knows how often she flips between positions.  Today's went well... Her heart rate is great and steady.  I am measuring right where I should be.  My blood pressure was 102/72 and my weight was 127.  This past weekend the heat has been getting to me and I can't be in it for long without feeling sick or bloated.  My feet swelled so much the other night... I had to keep them elevated the best I could not easy.  I am already uncomfortable let alone trying to elevate my feet and find a comfy position.
I have been having a little bit of a rough day after the doctors.  I love hearing how well she is doing but at the same time it is hard because it makes me think maybe this is all a big mistake and she really is healthy but I know differently it just is hard at times.  I have been feeling huge and uncomfortable and my back has been killing me.  So I am still a normal pregnant women who is counting the days she can lay on her tummy again and bend over but it is so bittersweet to feel this way.  I love feeling her but I can't do what I want either... like clean my house.. so some days I feel so emotional and onry that it is hard. Of course I take it out on the ones I love even though most the time they didn't do anything to deserve my wrath I may give them so to my frustrations.

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