Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coming to Understand

After the news from the Doctors I was a complete mess and was trying to cope from day to day.  Instead of researching on the medical sites online I started to look at personal blogs about their journey and experiences.  I found these to be much more reassuring and helpful.  I started to see the light in my darkness. My husband and myself also went to the temple to gain a better understanding of what our Heavenly Father plan was and to receive His comfort.  After the temple and reading blogs I started to accept my reality and to find peace to know I could make it through and would be the strength my daughter needed to get through what may lie ahead.  This did take me some time and although it had only been about 6 days since we found out about her cleft lip it had felt like forever for us.  My husband was more of our pillar of strength and helped me see reason.  That this is fairly common and that there are great surgeons who work wonders.  Now I say I came to accept my daughter fate but it doesn't mean I didn't still cry and have hard times but it seemed that I was more positive and clear on what I needed to do and be for my daughter.

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