Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Regular Dr Viist

So today we went to our regular doctor to talk to him about all the results and specialist visit we have had. My doctor was great.  he apologized for what we have been through and stated that he has not been through anything like this personally but has seen how others have gone through it and could only speak through what he has seen.  We asked where we go from here with appointments and specialist.  We let him know that if he was comfortable we would rather just stick with him since he was the one who was going to be delivering regardless.  Our doctor stated that he would recommend just staying with him now that we know what our Elizabeth has.  He stated that there was not a lot of need for the specialist or cardiologist unless we wanted to spend the money.  He continued to let us know that he could monitor with ultrasound when needed and could perform an amnio to relieve amniotic fluid if it becomes too much and uncomfortable for me.  Finally, we felt that we were being listened to and our questions were being answered.  We discussed delivery and he stated why they don't like to do a c-section in terminal cases with babies but prefaced by saying that he would do whatever we wanted because she is our baby. (thank you someone who acknowledges that we should be part of this process and our voice is important).  I also left feeling relieved that I didn't need to go back to a doctor for 4 weeks.  I received a follow-up phone call from the genetic counselor checking in on us and she offered a program to us called "angel watch", I am not sure what this all entails but they are going to contact me, they help with planning a birth plan and more of what we want when our Elizabeth arrives.

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