Monday, May 20, 2013

Telling our Children

We decided to tell our kids tonight that their baby sister Elizabeth was sick.  My husband explained that she was sick and so we wouldn't get much time with her.  We explained that we might not get to bring her home from the hospital and that she might look a little different but they didn't need to be nervous to hold her that we could still cuddle her.  My son asked some questions about why she was sick and if she was going to have a toy at least in the hospital.  My favorite thing that he said was "I am still going to love her"!  I love how sensitive he is.  My daughter doesn't understand quite what we were saying and just was asking if she was bigger than the baby.  I am so glad that we can explain that Elizabeth has work to do in Heaven while we have work to do here on Earth and that we will be together forever.  We asked that they could ask any questions they had and that we would talk with them.  It was a hard conversation but I love my kids and how well they took it and how much they already love their sister.

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