Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The last week we are just trying to process everything and try to remain positive.  We now that Elizabeth is a special person who is needed for a greater work on the other side and we may only get to have her here with us for a limited time so we are praying that we get to just hold her.  In retrospect to the first ultrasound about the cleft lip we feel silly for being so mournful over something that was so fixable but now that at the time it was difficult to digest, now we wish that is all it was.  We are just very grateful for all the support we receive and now that so many are praying for Elizabeth. One thing that has helped me also get through these few weeks has been another person's blog.  The medical websites have not been helpful in fact they are the opposite and I end up being very discouraged. The blog I have loved following is Juliet Faith.

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