Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blessing Gown

My mom and I went to look for a blessing gown for Elizabeth.  We went to a store that had been mentioned to me and we got there and the store had completely closed it doors.  So we looked up another store that we knew had blessing gowns and headed off to the mall where it was supposed to be located and we arrived to find that it had been closed.  So went went into Dillard's because we were trying to find something after all the time spent that day looking.  Dillard's ended up having two different styles.  They were cute but I didn't fall in love with either, so I said that we could remember that they have them and come back if I decided on one of them.  After shopping that day I went home and pulled out the blessing gown that had been used for Addison.  So the gown was originally used for my mother at her blessing and then again for my oldest sister, then me, and then my oldest sister used it for her only daughter, and then I used it with Addi.  So it has been used for three generations (double in the last two generations) in our family.  I had thought about possibly using it forever ago but dismissed it thinking that we would just buy Elizabeth her own, because I wasn't sure if we would want that dress to use in case someone has another girl and wants the tradition to keep going.  Today as I thought about it though my feelings were different.  I thought how Elizabeth would be buried with her grandma's love, aunt's love, mother's love, cousin's love, and her sister's love surrounding her.  It just brought peace to me and I felt that maybe the day shopping was a bust because I was supposed to use this dress that would mean more than anything that could be bought.  So I talked to my husband and asked him to think about what he wanted.  He said he was fine but I still wanted him to take a day or so to think about it.  About two days later my mom calls (if you know my mom and me you know how similar we are) and asks about the blessing gown we were blessed in and goes into her explanation of what she had thought about, which turns out to be exactly my thoughts too.  So Jake was on board and my mom was.  I called my sister to make sure she was really ok and of course she said she was.  So we have now found Elizabeth's blessing gown!

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  1. Beautiful experience. I love how the spirit worked in prompting you and your mother. I love how our Heavenly Father cares about all parts of our lives even blessing gowns.