Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DR Appointment

Today we went in for our 35 week doctors visit.  The visit went well.  We were able to see that she is measuring pretty good with head at 36 weeks, (I'm not sure lb wise what she is measuring though).  She was very active still and she is in position with head down.  My blood pressure was 122/80 and weight was 129. My fluid levels were at 29 anything above 25 is considered Polyhydramnios. The doctor said he would induce at 38 weeks and would not really recommend me going past 39.   We will continue to go in weekly at this point to see how she is doing and how I am feeling and make our decision as it gets closer.  Three weeks away from 38 weeks sound so soon and is a little scary but at the same time I am feeling big and uncomfortable because I am bigger than I have been before.  They did a non-stress test too to check how she does.  She was very reactive and I was having some contractions (which I always have nothing serious) which was all so good to hear.  At this point I am very hopeful that she will make it here, I just don't know for how long.

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