Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We went to the doctors today and Elizabeth continues to do great with the NST.  I was dilated to a 1... so we want to see if I can do more on my own in the next week before we pick an inducement date.  I weighed 131lbs 122/68 blood pressure.  I am very torn about inducement.... 1. I have never done it previously 2. I want her to be ready BUT having an inducement day will help to cut down on the anxiety of it all. Also, I can prepare family and friends more but even more myself.  I can pack the night before and put everything in that I need. (you can't really do this before hand if she comes on her own because I still need things to get ready each day). So I am hoping that next week by body is more prepared and we can just set an inducement date even though it is a bit scary, but lets be honest this whole experience is scary.  The unknown is the scariest thing and I am trying to stay focused on the positive of how well she is doing and how I continue to grow and Elizabeth does too.  She continues to move around and is constantly letting me know she is here.

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