Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sandy Larkin Mortuary

I want to say a big Thank You to Larkin Mortuary, they made a very difficult day a bit easier.  We had a wonderful funeral director who took very good care of us from the moment we went in to start planning for the funeral til we left after the graveside.  He was so thoughtful towards our needs.  He made sure I was well taken care of with food and water since he knew I had just had a baby. He made sure we got everything we wanted for our little Elizabeth.  Larkin has everything right there so you aren't running all over the place trying to make decisions for the funeral.  I was very impressed with the way they made sure we had everything, even if that meant them doing research to find what we were looking for.  They got a special bears for each one of us and two for Elizabeth that our other children could place next to her.  These bears took some time finding and making sure they matched and they were what we were looking for.  I was glad our funeral director found them and made sure we didn't have to do it ourselves.  I would recommend them for a funeral because they take care of you, granted I don't have experience with other funeral homes and hope I don't have to have any anytime soon.

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