Friday, August 30, 2013

Thank You!

I have been amazed at how many people have shown their compassion to our family.  They continue to pray for us and continue to think of us.  We have many gifts, dinners, and just phone calls from our friends and family.  We are so grateful for the love of all those around us.  We feel so blessed, others have told us that people might say dumb things or do dumb things but we really haven't experienced that during this whole process.  The other day I was finally got myself out of the house and was running errands, when I was at a store and the lady helping me asked some questions and it came out that we had lost our baby and this generous lady bought my item for me.  She didn't know me but wanted to do something and I was so amazed and overcome with gratitude for the kindness that still does exist in this world.  I wish we could hear more about those amazing acts of kindness then what we do hear. So I want to say Thank You to all of those who have called, stopped by, or even just been thinking and praying for us.  It has helped me get through the rough days.

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