Monday, August 5, 2013

Hospital plan

We prepared a hospital plan with the help of our angel watch representative.  It was really hard to answer some of the questions because I didn't know how I was going to feel in the moment.  Angel Watch and my Doctor kept telling us that this was our plan and they would do whatever we wanted but it was nice to have a plan.  So we filled out the plan.    
*Amber does  desire to be hooked up to a heart rate monitor during labor. Would also like a strip of heart tones printed for them to take home.
*  Please perform standard suctioning, rubbing, and vigorous drying to aid in Elizabeth's respiratory and cardiac efforts. Positive pressure, bag and mask  ventilation may be used immediately after delivery for up to one minute to initiate breathing only, not to maintain breathing. No artificial airway afterward.
*  If warranted, Elizabeth will be supplied extra oxygen only if it aids in her comfort.
We request that Elizabeth be quickly handed to Amber after her birth whether she is alive or stillborn.
*  We want Elizabeth to be with us, not placed in a warmer, etc. Instead we would like to use warm blankets and/or skin-to-skin contact against parent’s chest.
Please delay all procedures (weigh, measure, footprints) until both parents have held her and if possible these procedures should be done while the parents are present or holding her. 
*  No Vit K and ointments administered.
*  No extra-ordinary means should be taken to prolong her life.
*  Our first preference is breast milk– Amber would like to pump. We are open to suggestions of other feeding methods which may be easier and more effective for our daughter.
*  Please help us make as many memories as possible by giving us any mementos including bassinet card, hats, baby blanket, hospital ID bracelet, hand and We would also like several locks of her hair, if she has any.

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