Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our Story

To begin how we came to creating this blog.  We started our family quickly after getting married by a great blessing of a son and soon after had a daughter.  We then decided it was time to expand again we got pregnant quickly again but at 13 weeks we had a miscarriage. We grieved our loss and enjoyed the summer and afterwards decided it was time to try again.  We tried for three months (I know to most this doesn't seem long but to us this was stressful and long because it had never taken long previous).  We finally were pregnant.  We had lots of Dr. appointments in the beginning to make sure everything was ok.  We had an ultrasound every time so at 16 weeks we were able to find out that we were having a little girl. When the doctor told us it was a girl we were happy but more happy that everything was okay.  She looked great and her siblings were very excited to know that they were going to be having a sister.  Michael told us that he was going to protect her from not only others but from her sister (who can be rough at times).  They both loved talking about their little sister and what they were going to do with her.  I loved hearing them talk so lovingly about her and how much they wanted her. Read about Elizabeth's journey in the links provided below in order of how it has happened thus far.
June 29, 2013
July 3, 2013 Doctors
July 12, 2013
July 13, 2013 blessing gown

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